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Times have unfortunately changed, and with COVID around, home parties are no longer offered.  However, a private party can be arranged  "in the store" after hours. Mostly for shy people that have questions and don't want other shoppers to enter when they are here.   It’s a huge misconception that patrons of adult novelty stores are especially "kinky" people. Most people in attendance come to learn more about adult toys, ask questions, and have fun. In fact, it’s more about education and empowerment!

Many people feel embarrassed to walk into a sex shop out of fear of judgment, but hanging out with a good group of friends, or your significant other in the store after hours, while sharing laughs is a completely different experience.  It doesn't matter if you’re married, single, dating, in a relationship, or involved in something that is considered a bit "complicated".  So if you would like some uninterrupted time in the store with the owner, there’s no better time than the present, just call and book a time.  We add "Fun to Romance" at "I'm Sooooooo Bad."     


Judgement-Free Zone

These private shopping experiences are meant to be laid back and comfortable.  There is 100% no judgement!  We will explain what certain toys are for, how toys and other products work, take products out of their packages and turn them on so you can get an idea of their performance.  It’s a different experience when we pass around a high-intensity vibrator that takes out the knots in your shoulder blades, and as a warning — you’re probably going to want to take it home just for that reason!

So you don't have to stress about being recognized by someone you know coming into the store while you are here learning how to increase your fun in the passion department.  Just ask about booking a private shopping experience, bring some refreshments and munchies if you like and have fun shopping and asking questions while feeling relaxed and stress free!  

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